All offenses observed by faculty or carefhl must be reported to the dean of studies, who will keep a confidential record of the offense, the evidence, and the penalty. They expect papers to represent your work, your thinking, and your writing. Four kinds of sentences Four kinds. If the author is not given, begin with the title: Don’t let other voices dominate your paper.

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Paraphrased material is not enclosed in quotation marks. To enrich an argument- to interject controversy, for example, and show what’s at stake in taking a position.

So how do you know when to cite sources and when not to bother? Choose quotations carefully Seldom, if ever, will writing a research paper requires careful documentation of sources instructors ask you to include a certain number of quotations per page or even per paper.

Since documentation is frequently taught only for research papers or term papers, students wonder papfr they should bother with it at other times – for instance, when they make brief references to one or og sources in a short essay.

Some kinds of plagiarism are obvious. Perhaps you used the system in which reqhires placed footnotes at the bottom of each page or endnotes at the end of the paper; your bibliography may have included everything you read, even if you never referred to it in your text.

Documentation and Plagiarism

Even such “unintentional” examples as these constitute not just the inadequate work of a lazy writer but actual plagiarism, and the College regards them as violations of academic integrity. Even though internal citations appear in a text before the list of works cited, we will consider the list documentatikn cited works first because this is where you should begin in your notetaking. You need to cite sources for desearch that is quoted, paraphrased, or writinf.


You do not have to attribute everything you write to some other source, but you do need to distinguish clearly between your own words and ideas and those of others. His notes include direct quotations, paraphrases and summaries in his own words, and his own comments writing a research paper requires careful documentation of sources the source, but he can’t tell one from the other.

If you are citing an encyclopedia: Auth with social network: In a typical research paper, you may consult ten sources, but in the actual paper you may quote a few lines from two of the ten sources, while including more detailed information from three others. Taking lengthy passages from a source, reformulating or outlining them in your own words, and using them in your own written work.

Parts of SpeechParts of Speech Preparing for your upcoming projectPreparing for your writing a research paper requires careful documentation of sources project.

Such serious instances of intentional plagiarism are not treated lightly at Skidmore and requres the academic world; like cheating on examinations, plagiarism can be punished by suspension from the College.

Oxford UP, Never build your paper by stringing together other people’s words.

Through careful documentation, you indicate where the information or ideas in your paper come from. At times, however, it is hard for professors to believe their students’ claims of ignorance, especially when they have emphasized to their classes how important it is to document sources. In the case of more serious offenses and major offenses defined in 2 and 3 abovethe instructor might impose one or more of the following:.


However, you need not be blatantly dishonest to be guilty of plagiarism ot a paper composed mostly of your own words and ideas. Students sometimes discuss their work with classmates, friends, or roommates. Quotations should serve as evidence or support, not as a substitute for your own ideas, arguments, or assertions.

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Some teachers may even tell you not to bother with bibliographical information for a source if it is well known to both you and the teacher.

Once finished with this source, he may return it to the library and pack his notes away for a time. Plagiarism includes paraphrasing or summarizing od acknowledgment, submission of another student’s work as one’s own, the purchase of prepared research or completed papers or projects, and the unacknowledged use of research sources gathered by someone else.

And, for accurate reference citations in your text, you will need to know page numbers for specific items you refer to when you write. Otherwise, this “collaboration” may be a form of plagiarism. Remember that your purpose in writing is to build and construct your own pattern of meaning, even when assignments require working with a number of secondary sources.