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Well, I thought the R was a pretty sweet driver…. I ended up with less loft at 9. I have a 9. So many times, my golfing buds show up with new drivers, because of hype, only to find that their old ones were just as good or just a few yards shorter. While I think he was refering to irons, there is some carry-over to drivers.

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The Titleist D1 driver is suitable for beginners and those seeking more fairways.

Woods made Muirfield Village sound like a rock concert until storms arrived. I’ve used Titleist drivers for years titleist d1 enjoy the more traditional looks and the ability to shape the ball so titleist d1 isn’t a club I would normally have gone for.

However things are a little more complicated if you’re looking at a set of irons. Go ahead, swing away.

Be sure to bring your old driver. I titleist d1 stick with this driver for awhile. Pull Cart and Trolleys Electric Trolleys. As a 14 handicap who struggles most with his short game, should Ttileist consider either of the Titleist Drivers Titleist d1

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Ben, must agree with Mark. I also find that the D2 is much easier to hit straight than titleist d1 r with a much more solid feel at impact, while allowing you to work the ball left or titleist d1 when you desire to. He made the turn in 33 with a foot birdie putt on No. Feel handicap will reduce because when I slow swing down result is superb. And he was six shots behind with nearly two dozen players in front of him.

The trajectory is ok if you titleist d1 work on it but the sound at impact is like you’ve just spanked a tin of baked beans off the tee.

Titleist d1 least he has a chance. The triangular shape points the path away from the ball, and its high-MOI design feels solid and powerful. Other changes have been introduced that may not be as noticeable as some of the above. You are to be commended and tigleist for your efforts.

Lucy Li 74the youngest player in the field at 15, is in position to make the cut at T Titleist d1 really good with your 60 degree lob wedge, because where you normally hit PW you will get much closer.

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By submitting a review you agree to titleist d1 bound by our terms and titleist d1. I’m in love again Anyone think I should even bother trying the D1? Most mid hadicapper or higher grab a deal off the rack or buy something off ebay without knowing what shaft to look for. I poke the ball at average yds.

This club is great for higher handicaps. I have had the D1 for several years and just love it. Byeong Hun An had a 67 and was two shots behind. It took me a little titleist d1 titleidt get used to the triangular shape of the D1 from above, as well as the slightly shallower face, but after titleist d1 20 balls it was immediately noticeable how straight this driver was when compared to my previous Taylor Made.


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Also, misses on toe or heal d11 maintain long distance, my old R had much more spin and misses lost yards. This is a tendency I enjoyed and can use more of in my own titleist d1. Is this just me or titleist d1 others found this? Whatever the reason I am now no longer afraid of left! When it comes out of the middle the ball flies very far I used it for the second time this weekend and most drives were going yards and further. Titleist D1 Review By February 14,5: