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Download and install the Sixaxis Joystick Manager. You’ll get a notification in the system tray when it does. Thanks for letting us know. Deleting any system files in use could potentially break the current Windows installation. If you have issues with Bluetooth, it could be that your dongle isn’t supported.

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Since you’re installing a PS3 controller e. Also uncheck the box next to “Bluetooth” if your controllers are wired e. If you’re not about that wired business, and followed all the Bluetooth installation steps above, you should be able to simply unplug the controller, and after a couple seconds pv sony dualshock 3 pc sync via Bluetooth.

Controller Discussion View Edit History. Sony dualshock 3 pc to the bottom of the log and you should hopefully see “Dualshock 3 USB Driver installed” and “Bluetooth Driver installed” if you chose tosignifying a successful installation.

After accepting the terms and choosing your install location, you’ll get a menu of all the options to install, as in the screenshot above. Follow the on-screen setup instructions.

It’s on the right side of the driver installer window. Not Helpful 8 Helpful To do so, press the stylized “PS” button in the middle of your controller.

How to use a PS3 controller on PC guide: Wired and Bluetooth | PC Gamer

Download and install the Xbox Controller Drivers. Right Click on the device, select Propertiesthe Hardware tab, and Properties again. I can’t do this unless I buy a dongle, right? Instructions Plug-in the desired Bluetooth device. Connect your controller to your PC. The Playstation 3’s controller, the Dualshock 3, isn’t the easiest pad to get working on the PC. You have to select both profile and controller to have the ability sony dualshock 3 pc click Apply.

You’ll select your sony dualshock 3 pc from here. What do I do if it sualshock have a “save profile” message at the bottom of the window and I am on Windows 7? See PS3 Controller on Windows.

sony dualshock 3 pc You’ll see lots of pop-ups on the side of your screen as it detects your hardware. Open a command prompt as an admin. Not Helpful 14 Helpful 6. Doing so will prompt the toolkit to download to your PC’s default downloads folder e. Watch the SCP Toolkit run through its installation process. If the controller isn’t working push the central Home button to turn it on, plug it into sony dualshock 3 pc desired computer, then unplug it.

Controller:DualShock 3

How am I supposed to know which driver to install? What can Sony dualshock 3 pc do? Check the Bluetooth Driver checkbox if needed. You may need to click Yes on dualshhock pop-up window asking whether or not your computer can trust the setup file.

You’ll see a list of all devices attached to your computer e. When you open the “Devices” manager on your PC accessed by typing “joy.

The stock wireless controllers require special software. Find the PlayStation3 controller sony dualshock 3 pc the list, and add it to the favourites. Right Click on it then select Uninstall and select the Delete the driver software for this device checkbox. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Insert the Bluetooth dongle, then copy the last name which shows up.