Ping Anser driver and fairway woods Our Eye on Equipment reviews continue with the new Ping Anser driver and fairway woods. Know Your Japanese Brands: This club is a simple adjustment if you need to open or close the face, and I like that. The i20 is the lowest spinning head, it’s also the least forgiving of the group. Lie angle is not a terribly important parameter for a Driver and if you really crave a flat position on the ground, shim the shaft or put tape on the sole.

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Ping I20 driver vs Anser driver

The Anser is a bomber for many, well worth shafting up for a trial. As per the OP, it seems I can “work” the ball just enough with the Anser.

Ping i20 vs anser hit the G20 R flex, stock shaft and didn’t get i200 special, trajectory was a bit high and had trouble drawing the ball. In my testing and the testing I have ping i20 vs anser the Anser has the potential to be the longest hitting club of the group, the G20 would likely follow as second because when you factor mishits naser Or just shaft the Anser and bag it? I figured as much.

Dude, you realize that you just bitched about adjustability and then demanded it, right? I did get good enough this past summer with help from the Pro V1x to lower my index from mid-teens to 7.

I like the overall review T. And unlike Taylormade they keep the club the same when lowering the price. Hunter — I have the 9.

Eye on Golf Equipment: Ping Anser driver and fairway woods

The i20 is fantastic and feels as good as the Anser. This works well for me because my miss is a hook. If it did, I would get to play for a living. Third, modern drivers with bendable hosels exist, so do your research. Donate Now Goal amount for this year: In short, he confirms the comments here using Trackman about the i20 ping i20 vs anser Anser driver.

Eye on Golf Equipment: Ping Anser driver and fairway woods –

Know Your Japanese Brands: Some have ping i20 vs anser the Anser as the perfect blend of the i20 and the G20and nowhere is that more true than when you consider the Anser’s ability to mitigate questionable swings. Beaver Creek Resort Keystone Resort. Lots of roll and lower trajectory. The feel on this driver, the feedback, pinv are remarkable compared to my last 3 drivers r9 hotmelt, r11 and the Ansrr. OEMs pay pennies on the dollar for higher-end aftermarket shafts.

Ping is always on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. If you want that constant reminder ping i20 vs anser you’re not good enough to hit the ball consistently with the center of the club face, then the Anser is ideal. I found the A’hina paired with a ansrr. Stickman 6 years ago.

Paul 3 years ago. I hit one in the middle of a firm fairway that rolled out to yards GPS verifiedmy longest driver of I go with a ping i20 vs anser model of the Anser to give me a good midway point between ping i20 vs anser and 3-iron, and the thing Pinh notice about this club is that it’s easy to work both ways and easy to dig out of bad lies, both of which help my particular game.

The matte black finish is the same. All four stock shafts were used by one tester or another during our tests. Weapons of grass destruction. Ping i20 vs anser of the first Tight Lies series fairway woods only with about times the technology and distance.

As a group our testers averaged