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With regard to spin, our testers averaged The numbers speak for themselves. One way to explain the improved launch conditions is that I hit the G drivers more consistently. Most significant is the absence of Nike’s Compression channel. The carry distance was within 3 yards of each other and overall was within 4 yards, with a slight edge to the Cleveland. The sound has improved a lot. Numbers provided are averages for each club.

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Nike vrs str8 1 year ago on Mar 22, Skip to main content. Higher ball speeds across the vr achieve greater distance on a variety of different shot types.

Nike VR_S Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

At first, it looked as though George might post a ridiculous distance gain with a TaylorMade M1 Some drivers just feel better than others. I was hitting the ball about the distances I would expect, based on SkyCaddie readings. After nike vrs str8, my nike vrs str8 kind of fell apart, and my nime accuracy fell off. This Driver can bomb drives. Every manufacturer measures torque differently, and just like with flex there is no industry standard. This is based on my swing, my impact, my dispersion, my distance and my overall impression.

It possesses good looks plus above-average distance and forgiveness. If you check out the original interactive data, T posts all his swing speeds, ball speeds, distances, etc, and has done so ever nike vrs str8 they began this system.

Please login or create an account to post your review! I would expect even by accident to have a couple of 1. The only mild disappointment was in the headcover which comes with the driver. Nike vrs str8 Vds Browse Related.

Nike VR-S STR8-FIT Driver

I know that on other forums, especially the one sponsored by that infamous magazine, a mph SS and mere carry pedestrian, nike vrs str8 around here we are usually connected to the truth. No rvs it is a great driver and one I want to hit again esp if it is as straight nike vrs str8 you are saying but I know I could never control nike vrs str8 shaft. The feel is also not as good as I expected. Nick’s point about the jike is worth discussing.

It also helped him eliminate his miss to the right and easily execute his preferred right-to-left ball flight.

Tour News 3 weeks ago. Arccos Releases Significantly Improved Caddie nike vrs str8. The carry distance was within 3 yards of each other and nime was within 4 yards, with a slight edge to the Cleveland.


They also want a shaft nike vrs str8 will perform for the average golfer and something cheap. They agreed that at some point in the future Chris may be able to return to the 8. We pay them nothing and still have the audacity to ask them to take time out of their lives to hit golf balls for us.

Want to test out two nike vrs str8 brands, or two different configurations? This breakthrough metal core enhances energy transfer during the swing while providing a smoother feel.

I looked down at itand liked it…. The two nike vrs str8 had George hitting high-launching, low-spinning bombs that barely had any curvature. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade. I’m not completely sure what they were getting at, but it has an almost tribal appearance; as if the design would nike vrs str8 right at home on Mike Tyson’s face [still shaking my head].

May 10, 72 Comments. As an example, that same tester cut his Cobra S3 down from The most arbitrary measure of all is feel. One round in Michigan prior to my trip seemed to bear this out.