What are the markers looking for in giving out higher-ish marks in all 3 of the sections? This includes ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014 forms of crowdfunding including charity, and failure to abide will result in the link being removed and a potential ban for continued submissions. Going well ET rocket. Scholarship English branch Joined: Yeah but teachers at schools teach you how to get good grades by memorising random shit, not making you a creative thinker.

Hi Smiley99 Just a few thoughts on your essay. Is there any englishh I can make it shorter?

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It’s not a very engaging essay, and definitely not one of my best, so I apologise in advance for it. Skip to content Accessibility – list of access keys used on this site Sitemap.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. ET It is ultimately limitative to suggest that the potency of film derives from its ability to successfully depict characters surmounting crises.

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Your explanation of allusion was very good. Hiya These would both be fine – length is not an issue ET5. Thank you so much Hi RG You need to work on making your body paragraphs more than summaries of the content or main ideas of each text.

Thank you in advance Kia ora Smiley99 Can you shorten your filename so that it reads in English when we open it up? The markers are English teachers, who ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014 to be liberal in their perspective.


Hi there, I was wondering what is the minimum number of texts you should be referring to in Sections B and C? Looking at this now – sorry we do not give marks – just feedback ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014 suggestions ET5 Hiya – I have read this very comprehensive essay – you have a mature understanding of these complex poems – I have not put feedback throughout,as there is not a lot I can add – except – a range suggest more that two and I would advise a third poem to ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014 in your range.

That way you can get the basics down while its fresh in your mind, you can refer back to it as you write, and if you don’t finish the essay the examiner will at least know what you were trying to say. Failure is OK, but encouraging others to fail because you did is not. It’s important to practice past papers, but one should not be too selective in their preparation — questions rarely repeat themselves in L3. You might be a bit fucked mate.

Opinions are fine in self-posts or as comments to a link post. Will use it tonight when i write a practice essay. For example, would adding quotes from critics help? Kia ora Have a look at this exemplar – it will help you to see how other students have addressed this issue.


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But there is a problem when an entire question is completely undo able because you don’t understand a word that is almost never used. Scholarship English ravi Joined: It’ always been that way. I think you’ll find it reinforces your knowledge of ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014 film and provides some clarity to your ideas.

Then watch it ten more. I’m also majoring in computer science Completely off topic but what do you think is the latest point I can begin learning web design?

Mind you I think I got Schol Classics without doing all that well at level 3. Fortunately, I’m doing English because I enjoy it, and that’s rewarding enough on its own.

Your essay needs to be cohesive so that the marker can keep track of what ezsay saying. ET’s, is there any hope for me at all?