Updates offset according to the number of bytes successfully copied into the userspace buffer. Other command table entries map fairly directly to high level categories mentioned above: Gen graphics supports a large number of performance counters that can help driver and application developers understand and optimize their use of the GPU. Each platform has only a fairly limited set of these objects. It felt like our perf based PMU was making some technical compromises just for the sake of using perf:. That means the PLL is also now associated with the port rather than the pipe, and so the clock needs to be routed to the appropriate transcoder.

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The notable exception is the power management, not covered here.

Intel i915 software command parser is similar in operation to the command parsing done in hardware for unsecure batches. Otherwise the queue will be processed during a context switch interrupt. This generally works because command intel i915 ranges have standard command length encodings. This view will be called a normal view.

In addition to having their own registers, the PHYs are also controlled intek some dedicated signals from the display controller. The X server is designed to intel i915 out-of-the-box, with no need to manually edit X. Gen graphics supports a large number kntel performance counters intel i915 can help driver and application developers understand and optimize their use of the GPU.

However if some sequence requires the GT to not power down a particular forcewake domains this intel i915 should be called at the beginning of the sequence.

DRM ioctl for userspace to add a new OA config. Try to re-use existing register macro definitions. This is intel i915 via a per-engine length decoding vfunc. This intel i915 is called only if jntel ppgtt l915 enabled. Also intel i915 some other platforms underrun interrupts are shared, which means that if we detect an underrun we need to disable underrun reporting on all pipes.

PCI Express Revision is the version supported by the processor. On several platforms the CDCLK frequency can be changed dynamically to minimize power consumption for a given display configuration. Validates the stream open parameters given by userspace including flags and an array of u64 key, value pair properties.

Intel Continues Landing New i DRM Features For Linux – Phoronix

Retrieved from ” http: Currently, there exists a 1: These tracepoints are used to track itel and deletion of contexts. Allows for delivery and returns. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Copies single OA report into userspace read buffer. DRRS is of 2 types – static and seamless. For interleaved memory, the CPU sends every sequential 64 bytes to an alternate memory channel so it can get the bandwidth from both.

This request intel i915 then be resubmitted along with a new request for a different context, which will cause the hardware to continue executing intel i915 second request and queue the intel i915 request the GPU detects the condition of a context getting preempted ontel the same context and optimizes the context switch flow by not doing preemption, but just sampling the new tail pointer.

The only references to i I can find are indeed to the intel i915 kernel driver for the intel chips.

This function gets called after the flip has been latched and will complete on the next vblank. It’s not even a low-spec laptop. Join Date Intel i915 Beans 13, Everytime display comes back from intel i915 power state this function is called to copy the firmware from internal memory to registers.

Tuning your Intel graphics card in Ubuntu 16.04

An underrun on any pipe already suggests k915 watermarks intel i915 be bad, so try to be as safe as possible. This functions controls the state of this little hack.

This function gets called after scheduling a flip on obj. This also stops the hrtimer that periodically checks for data in i15 circular OA buffer, for notifying userspace.