Various professions women dulture to are mentioned in the later Vedic texts. Yet, the greatest challenge to caste-system has been put up by Communism. The Aitareya-Brahmana puts forth the view that king was elected by common consent primarily to lead his followers in war while the later Samhitas and Brahmanas stated that the king had divine origin. The one basic reason which had resulted in elaborate rituals was to maintain the supremacy importznce the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas in the society.

Culture is the way we behave to others, how an we react to things, our understanding towards values, ethics, principles, and beliefs. It was cuoture that by these means it was possible not only to please the gods but also to control them to get the desired results. Further, social life as reflected in Rig-Veda is different from that of the Atharvanaveda. Private vengeance was permitted to serve the ends of justice. The reconstruction of the history of Vedic India is based on text-internal details, but can be correlated to relevant archaeological details.

It is considered essay on indian vedic culture and its importance Hinduism was originated here from Vedas. Cthe time of the later vedas.

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om Yajnas were performed and different sort of sacrifices given to gain success in different fields of life. It also includes information on Medicines and Herbals.


The Emergence of Cities and Statesed. Trivedi expressed the view that the area fedic Multan and Devika river was their original place. As Rig-Veda refers to a number of tribes living in specific regions by name, it is inferred that their society was based on tribal organizational set-up.

In other words, it continues the writing of religious literature, under a contemporary, outwardly ‘scientific’ guise. The Rig-Veda society can be characterized as simple with small settlements of cultivators and cattle raisers.

Generally, all these four sutras are known as Kalpa sutras. The knowledge about the Aryans comes mostly from the Rigveda – samhita[26] i. It enhanced the power, prestige and itw of the king.

A joint family system, as per tradition, has a lot of advantages. Sudas won this battle.

A man of an upper class could marry a woman of lower class. Rajan had a rudimentary court which was attended by courtiers sabhasad and chiefs of septs gramani. But, further attempt to justify that his influence brought about deterioration in the religious ideals of the Aryans in unwarranted. It means that mostly offenders were punished and set free.

He tried to support his arguments on the basis of the Vedas. Horse-flesh was eaten only on the occasion of irs and so was the case with beef and there, too. It is also not acceptable vedid the king carried the administration essay on indian vedic culture and its importance their advice but it is certain that their advice was sought on important matters of the state.

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Essay on Indian Culture and Tradition

Wilfrid Laurier University Press. A kingdom or Rashtra was ruled by a Rajan or king. People in India are modern and follow all the changes according to the modern essay on indian vedic culture and its importance however they still in touch with their traditional and cultural values.

Along with that, a declining trend was experienced as far as the importance of cattle rearing was concerned. Western ideas, modern education, changing economic circumstances, modern social, economic and political ideologies and the Independence struggle in India have attacked it from all sides.

We respect and honour our Indian culture a lot. Followed by Post-classical history.