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I’m still googling for any possible solutions, but as of yet found nothing that would work out. Reinstall all the same system drivers as before. I bought the laptop from Dell and it is Dell responsibility to work with their providers Broadcom to get a driver available for Dell customers. I guess as long as ATA performs as well as it appears to, I’ll just leave well enough alone. Follow my wiki here http: I have searched www. If you haven’t gotten an answer for this yet, try installing the O2 Micro Integrated Card reader, I battled for ours reading about the Intel rapid store driver bring the issue.

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In this case i think it is not, see link below: Latitude E Can’t find some driver! I bought the dell e6420 mass storage controller from Dell and it is Dell responsibility to work with their providers Broadcom to get a driver available for Dell customers.

Mass Storage Controller solved with the driver you recommended! Hello Chinmay, and thanks for your help. I’ll give ‘er ocntroller try and get back with you. Latitude E; Dell e6420 mass storage controller XP: I am using Windows storqge 64 bit on a Dell Latitude E Please keep me posted with the result.

It is good to know that I am not alone with controlker issue but I am sorry that you are having the problem. I don’t know how to thank you.

I only unpack the Wireless Network Controller and manually install the driver in Device Manager because I want Windows to manage my wireless networks. It doesn’t recognize them and still says “Not Enrolled” in the biometrics settings. My goal is to dell e6420 mass storage controller the least controkler of software to keep my boot times quick and my taskbar icons to a minimum. Please update the latest version of BIOS available.

Dell Latitude E6420 Driver List for Windows 7

In the Select the folder where you want to unzip the files to window, click OK. I would be happy to provide you with some more insight on my testing and troubleshooting.

For dell e6420 mass storage controller, with the same or a different issue, please click New Post on the top right to start a New Thread.

I had hoped that this would help me since it appeared to be the same issue. I could surely use your help, please.

What can I do next? I have searched www.

Windows 8 & E Drivers – Dell Community

It is almost as if controllef sysprep package in XP is not properly building the mass storaga list but I would assume the “BuildMassStorageSection” is created from the drivers applied. This list is probably very close to yours depending if you bought the WiMAX card or other options.

Windows does recognize the biometric sensor, but Dell e6420 mass storage controller can’t enroll a fingerprint.

Once you have designated the folder you would like to save your files to, Click ‘OK’. A better option is to download the driver pack – Kass The Data Protection Access driver worked for me also. Please provide details of the unknown devices as mentioned here. Also there is one other thing you should install if you haven’t already which is often overlooked:. All of our models work fine for Windows 7. Any help is appreciated. Enter the Service Tag of the computer dell e6420 mass storage controller choose the Operating System installed on the computer.

I also only install the drivers if possible no applications. I could not get XP loaded on any of the 4 above models no matter which Mass Storage driver I used inside their respective driver package.