Case Studies

When using a case study greenfingers garden services or hammering in a nail he has learnt to stduy his time and his movements are much more refined.

It provides a topic of conversation that evokes positive, happy memories which is clearly seen and felt. Often he will look at plants elsewhere on the site and compare them to his plants if they are at different stages of growth.

As a result of his significant trauma and grsenfingers he has developmental delay i. It helps him to see the long-term picture and realise that his actions now will affect the future health of the plants.

The benefits from the sessions have become apparent as they have progressed. He has enjoyed watching the plants grow and has learnt basic nurturing skills. He was not in any formal educational establishment at the time after two schools were unable to provide for his needs.

Having the opportunity to attend Case study greenfingers garden services Fingers meant that this child was exposed to positive experiences such as feeling safe, building relationships, having their emotional needs met, being respected and valued, increase in self esteem and confidence, opportunities to mix with other children, developing an awareness of nature, gardening and learning social skills. He struggled with fine motor skills and could not read or write. His fine motor skills have improved greatly.


Here are two case studies, written about two young people who have accessed the Project. His confidence has grown immensely, alongside this he has developed a more sudy attitude to the activities he undertakes at Green Fingers. This includes, amongst many other things, a therapeutic environment, a non-traditionalist case study greenfingers garden services to learning and appropriate ways in which to expend energy.

We would see little attempt at taking part in the activities and mostly the sessions would be a little overwhelming. Typically children of this age are able to respond to pain through crying and seeking out help from an adult, however, something simple as a fall by this child would result case study greenfingers garden services showing no emotions as their early experiences had led them to learn that adults do not meet their needs when crying.

Case Studies | Green Fingers Project

The child is also able to assert themselves appropriately. This is just one example of the life lessons that John has been learning as this general principle shows; our actions now, affect the future. He enjoyed activities that involved gross case study greenfingers garden services skills, like digging, pushing a wheelbarrow or throwing stones, activities that also brought instant gratification; he could not contemplate working on something in order to bring about a result that was not very immediate.


His respect for staff has grown and he is happier to relinquish control to adults, something which demonstrates his growing feeling of safety and security; the ability to trust adults with his wellbeing. The sessions run for two hours on a Tuesday afternoon.