I play off 27 and use the i20 and love the club. I’ve weighed almost identical G10 irons and compared them to G20’s, and the G20’s were lighter by approx. It can be the difference between missing a green, carrying a bunker, carrying a water hazard, etc. Go on buy one you will love it. While our testers might generally be classified as low ball hitters, the majority posted vertical launch angles that are slightly higher than their averages Nick has had amazing run of low bullets of late, so it was nice to see him moving closer to an optimum value – though he still has a ways to go.

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Adam Huckeby 5 years ago. Phoenix rates drop in May.

With the already less than explosive club face, it makes the mishits that much worse. I think I know the answer to this one already, but assuming each driver has the same shaft, which one is going to be the best shaft for ping i20.

Ping i20 iron shafts / What should I order and what are you going with?? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Sorry for the long winded plea for help, but I do not have access to the same services and facilities you gentleman have. You currently have javascript disabled. It seemed that the black finish on the face and sole did not hold up well. Another new feature is the sole design.

For shorter irons the cavity is cut closer to perpendicular to the face which moves the CoG down and towards the front to give players more options with trajectory. Who needs adjustability when you k20 on the best shaft for ping i20 plane?

But what makea me most happy is that tbe lb white gorilla has a very real and very serious competitor in my beloved PING. With the PING i20 there absolutely is.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! I have been reading through that thread, but must not be to that discussion point yet. Foodnap, on 04 February – Previous models used an elliptical PING logo-ed badge in the cavity. Your email address will not be published.

It turned up yesterday and I took to the course for a mid week 9 hole event. Any thoughts on what everyone else is going to order?

Ping i20 shaft question

Quite honestly, I am slightly surprised they put it i2 what is offered as the driver of choice for better players. Best shaft for ping i20, your point on the longer irons is interesting.

Apr 19, 59 Comments. Obviously, you need to see what works for you, but I did a lot of testing on the course and LMs and in a nutshell they were really close, but I like the feel of the CFS a bit more, the 10g less weight and the performance of the longer irons better. Now I am really best shaft for ping i20. To top it all off i am leaning towards getting the i20s with the new project x pxi shafts.

I’m hoping he means on the cusp of regular and stiff rather than steel and graphite.

On the ping online fitting tool, it states I should be best shaft for ping i20 stiff shaft, purely best shaft for ping i20 on my driver and 7 iron distances and respectively. All Ping clubs come with a serial number so that Ping can exactly reproduce any club — as long as the club heads are in stock.

It can be the difference between missing a green, carrying a bunker, carrying a water hazard, etc. Looking forward to purchasing one used. Great review — thanks! And low smash factor. Stock graphite shafts available in regular, stiff, or x-stiff flex.

Actually I probably said that before the Anser Forged irons came out, and after seeing the Ping i20and listening to my tester’s feedback, you’ll never hear me say such a thing again. I find I more forgiving than the i15 and the Titleist d2. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game.

I hit a few 4i’s best shaft for ping i20 the shwft a few times this morning and dhaft were as straight as I can hit a long iron – haven’t had a 4i for best shaft for ping i20 because of the low snaps.