By short Clicking on a lesson in the timetable screens, you can define homework for that lesson. The free version should work just fine for simple uses, though.

It also offers separate apps on all platforms including iOS, Mac and Windows. Get those jumbled ideas out of your head and organized! Office Lens free; iOS, Android, Windows Office Lens is an amazing app from Microsoft that takes pictures of documents, whiteboards, blackboards, magazines, receipts, and more and converts them into editable, shareable text. Please login or register to post best homework apps for android above our articles Join us now Why join?

Studying is something we all have to do besy. And with priority and reminder default options in settings you can enter new assignments in seconds.

The Best Apps for High-School and College Students

Email Name Comment Firstname. What more can you ask for? Andrid way to make a habit out of something is to do it so many times in a row that it just becomes routine.

So here are the best homework planner apps available on Android and iOS. Bst, for your phone, best homework apps for android could use Anti-Socialwhich lets you see how much you use your phone compared to others, and allows you to block apps you overuse. I think people can buy and sell stuff here as well.


Build your vocabulary with fun quizzes, look up words by voice search, or learn a new word every day. The Best Free Software for Students.

Individual topic apps Price: Our apps fill aandroid role as a planner without network connectivity. School planner – Homework and Timetable.

10 best study apps and homework apps for Android! – Android Authority

You can define contact information for each subject. The UI is nothing to write home about, but it’s easy to use at least. They include plot summaries and analyses, quizzes, bookmarking, character maps, and audio summaries called CramCasts.

Best homework apps for android for the article ;- But what about Getmii! A powerful homework manager and assistant by students for students.

Google Play Books is an excellent source of learning material. With myHomework, you’ll never forget to study again. Vor, mark and keep track of homework tasks using the SMHW app.

Best Apps for Students

Once an account’s paid premium time has expired, they will be converted back to the free plan. It’s an excellent study and homework aid. Instead, you can keep yourself from accessing distracting apps with Offtime.


You can even set up rewards for when you reach certain goals! One of the best free apps I discovered this summer is the copyleaks plagiarism checker. ChalkBoard on the Play Store. What Student Planner adds to the table is the inclusion of a schedule or time table which you can use to either store your class schedule or it might even be a study schedule for your exams. The app offers a refreshingly new take on the UI; instead of card based tasks, it takes it cues from fitness apps and has implemented a goal-centric circular tracker best homework apps for android shows how much you best homework apps for android completed and how much androis still left.